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Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash Badminton Racket Evaluate

There’s been a great amount of money of visitors on the discussion boards about this badminton racquet. I are unable to don’t forget a time when a new racquet was so eagerly awaited. Yonex Japan site enticed us with their marketing, however, they kept us all in the dim about the seems to be of this racquet until finally a handful of times right before launch.

When images were being accessible, the Arcsaber Z Slash badminton racquet achieved with mixed response. Some stated it was ghastly while others raved about its colourful graphics. But, did it live up to the hyped anticipation and expectation? Let’s get into the overview. Above all else, remember to don’t forget that picking out a racquet is own and you are the only man or woman to judge no matter if this racquet is for you.

With all the hype encompassing this racquet, I was expecting a flashy deal with – one thing different to set it aside from the relaxation of the Yonex vary. As you can think about, I was a little bit disappointed when I observed the standard Arcsaber racquet go over. Honest participate in to Yonex though, they are striving to standardise their assortment so, in some approaches, why ought to this racquet get particular therapy?

I had that Christmas early morning experience as I bit by bit unzipped the address and pulled out the racquet. Wow! I was met by the most striking graphics I’ve viewed on a racquet for some time. If you might be extremely conservative, you may see the racquet as flash or gawdy but I definitely appreciated it. The graphics blend black, purple, yellow, gold and white.

At first glance, aside from the graphics, this looks like any other badminton racquet. But, there are a range of variances when investigated even more.

Very first off, the head appears to be a little bit thinner. To begin with I believed this was due to the stringing. But, Yonex stringers are among the finest in the environment so this wanted nearer inspection. No, this is unquestionably a a little bit various condition, drawing in from the sides by somewhere around fifty percent a centimetre each individual facet, which is significant. The head size is the identical.

The shaft of the Z Slash is about 1cm more time than my Nanospeed 9900 which need to thus generate a little bit more electricity. The cope with is about 2cm shorter and ferrule (plastic piece over the manage) reduced by around 25% (my estimation.) The ferrule itself appears significantly more compact and is a a little bit unique form. Individually, I are not able to see this adding a lot, if anything at all, to the racquet’s effectiveness, even though I’m sure the entrepreneurs will notify you in a different way.

The racquet is a conventional 3U (fat 84-89g) with grip size G4. This is a very little stunning as usually in Uk we get grip size G3 which is slightly more substantial. Yonex have formerly provided more substantial grip dimensions to our marketplace as they take into account we have more substantial arms. So, I cannot fully grasp why this top rated-of-the-assortment racquet is supplied with the scaled-down grip dimensions. Let’s transfer on…

So how does this racquet truly feel? Definitely it’s unique from Arcsaber 10. It is nearly a cross in between Armortec 900 Energy (which readers will know is a particular favourite of mine) and Nanospeed 9900 (my current racquet).

It is unquestionably very well well balanced whilst I’d say there is certainly leaning to far more weight in the head. Prior to heading out of the doorway, I place a grip on the racquet and could not resist a few swishes in my front place. Wow! The pace by the air was awesome. Unquestionably a ton much less “drag” than other racquets. This racquet surely felt rapid for electricity shots which was a surprise, bearing in intellect the heavier head. It is really likely to be attention-grabbing to see how it delivers each in terms of overhead electricity and defence.

I employed the racquet in a training evening at my league club. First off I played a recreation of men’s doubles. In the heat up I felt rather fantastic about the racquet whilst realized it was likely to choose some acquiring used to.


The racquet is surely good adequate. My touch was marginally off, but that was partly because of to the lessen string rigidity and me getting to adapt to the racquet. The marginally heavier head was obvious while it was absolutely rapidly all over the web.

Wherever this racquet scores large time, is when you basically time the stroke effectively. The shuttle then travels like a bullet and all the responses about how effective this racquet is can be believed. In the heat up I hit a couple of great smashes that went down like a shell – fantastic, I’m ready for the sport now.

Incorrect! Getting my timing appropriate in the heat up did not put together me for the speed of the recreation at all. I located that, even with my experience, I was mis-timing so quite a few overheads. Whilst I stuck at it, we missing the recreation simply which was disappointing.

I then did some feeding with the racquet and it felt actually great. Plenty of underarm feeding was a piece of cake. I was continue to extremely aware of the pounds in the head of the racquet and felt incredibly at ease with it.

Subsequent this, I worked with the players on defence. Having previously been the feeder, I was extremely eager to get involved as a participant and test the racquet. I was delighted with the benefits. This racquet was definitely sound in defence moving incredibly immediately to reply to the shuttle. The extra body weight in the head felt excellent and gave me that additional kick in higher lifts to get a very good size, even when digging shuttles out of my racquet hip.

Adhering to this we did some rapidly hands operate all-around the web. All over again, I was delighted with the racquet. It was unquestionably rapid more than enough in this section with the included “meat” and as a result regulate I have skipped when employing my Nanospeed 9900.

Sadly, I did not get to play an additional activity – I’ll have to wait around for future 7 days.

To sum up my night, the racquet executed like a trouper in all departments besides my overhead – the place where it’s meant to shine brightest. I truly was delighted with all the areas we examined, and boy we tested hard tonight.

I’ve examine with interest from the badminton message boards the comments produced by players who have procured this racquet and discovered it’s not suited them. I can entirely have an understanding of the frustrations from these gamers as I guess I was possessing just the exact same feelings early in the night time.

This is a fantastic racquet, no question about it. So, why I won’t be able to I perform with it right away? The response is very simple…

The Arcsaber Z Slash badminton racquet is a racquet that calls for coaxing into greatness. When you time your shot proper, this beauty provides electrical power in abundance. And below lies the crux of the make any difference…”when.” This racquet will take additional finding used to than any I have applied before.

Probably it truly is the combination of for a longer period shaft, shorter handle and more compact head? Probably it is really the aero-dynamic head that moves so speedy when requested to complete in this way – it is really practically also good for me proper now.

Getting considered far more about what I’ve just composed, I’ve arrive to the summary that it truly is the racquets potential to make this sort of spectacular speed as a result of the air which is catching me out and throwing my timing. When I master this, I think I will tame this beast and be ready to get the most effective from it.

I also lent this racquet to other gamers this night. The appears to be on their faces when they timed a smash have been a sight to see. I witnessed some brilliant smashing with this racquet tonight. But, these large smashes were a very modest share out of the a lot of hit throughout the night.

How am I going to level this racquet? RRP is around £180 which sites it as the most high priced Yonex racquet on the marketplace. It is really probably the most high-priced Yonex racquet ever! Is it worthy of it? Only you can inform.

Personally, for several players it will be out of reach. Perhaps not from a rate standpoint, but more so in conditions of what they can get out of it. An ordinary league player can do far better by selecting their up coming racquet properly, rather than wondering the most pricey is the best racquet for them.

Owning stated all of that, and regardless of me not producing a relationship proposal on our first day, I definitely do enjoy this racquet. I want to commit much more time with it, get to know it much better and find out how to make us a best partnership.

This racquet has bowled me above. I don’t exactly know why, but I am itching to examination it again, and all over again and want to grasp the overhead timing and see what this splendor can really deliver. I won’t be able to wait for our following day.

I won’t be able to keep in mind the past time a racquet had this influence on me. So irrespective of the instant negative facet which I consider is thanks to the astonishing pace by way of the air this racquet generates, I am likely to level this racquet at 4.5 stars. I truly believe that this racquet has the prospective to be a typical, if it can be tamed. I have deducted fifty percent a star simply because of the price while will have to confess that this could come to be withdrawn wholly and adjusted to a 5 star score when I get used to the magnificent electric power this racquet generates.

I have also posted a movie critique of the Z Slash vs the Nanospeed 9900 onto my badminton blog which you may discover exciting to look at.

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