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Volleyball Rules: Participant Conduct

As a volleyball teacher, you want to exhibit handle by providing your players a established of regulations and necessities which they have to know and comply with. Setting down the law for the duration of the initial week will be important if you want to run a effectively-oiled equipment. I have created a summary of some tips i consider would be the necessities.


1. Participating in everything other than viewing and cheering when gamers are on the bench. The gamers really should not be chatting about Jersey Shore or their boyfriends. They will need to be shelling out focus to the video game.

2. Distracting a player that is attempting to play a ball. This is along the line of superior sportsmanship. Do not permit your gamers drop into this as you actually do not want to unliked by other groups. You will rapidly make a name for yourself.

3. Yelling or swearing in anger. At the time all over again, sportsmanship. I experienced a player yell the “F” term during a limited match with heaps of people watching. The most unlucky factor was it was so peaceful because it was these an fascinating engage in. An really awkward instant no question.

4. Questioning or criticizing an official’s phone. Pretty much very little bugs me additional than observing gamers talk to for a get in touch with following each engage in. Do not enable your gamers to do that. Permit them realize that that is your career.

5. Hurling or kicking the ball in anger. If you have ever coached boys, you notice what I am conversing about. They definitely like to kick the ball as significantly as they can. Furthermore, isn’t really this like the very initial rule of volleyball you ever uncovered? That and rolling the ball under the internet (I truly like throwing it about to the person serving).

6. Talking to the officers. You certainly need to have to make particular anyone is aware of only the captain can discuss to the officials. It really is not entertaining to obtain a yellow card at a crucial section of a match.

7. Damaging cheers. Recall this one particular?: We want a pitcher not a tummy itcher. None of that remember to.

8. Blaming teammates. One more factor I come to feel that I notice way as well a great deal. Each and every team has that a person participant that loves to search at the human being who screwed up and say some point. That is the coach’s job. Do not permit that to get over and above manage.

9. Pouting following a lousy participate in. In the celebration that this happens, just choose the participant out. This is not genuinely likely to reward the staff.

Here is a listing of factors to inspire:

1. Assistance teammates off the flooring
2. Compliment teammates and opponents on great performs
3. Roll the ball underneath the web
4. Run to get an errant ball and provide back to the server or referee
5. Cheering at the summary of every level (gain or eliminate the stage)
6. Cheering from the sidelines (“Jenny’s on fireplace, Ooh, Ah”, “Retain it up Sara, hold it up”, “Listed here we go Pink, below we go”)
7. Motivating player which will make an mistake (“Never be concerned, you will get it subsequent time”)

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