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Taking pictures Longbow: What Sighting Aids Are You Allowed?

I’ve talked about in a previous article that I shoot once in a while with a gentleman named Roy, who generally shoots longbow. Taking pictures with him not too long ago, I discovered that Roy was making use of groundmarkers, some thing I have not found for a though.

You will find usually a bit of confusion if you shoot longbow relating to what sighting aids you can use, and as often appears to be the circumstance, it relies upon on your locale in the globe and what competitions you intend to shoot at.

I requested Roy about this, and he put it in an simple – and unforgettable way. If the spherical you’re shooting has sighters probabilities are it will be a GNAS round. If it has no sighters, but 50 % an hour or so of ‘practice’ beforehand, it can be a FITA spherical. If you are taking pictures a FITA round, no sighting aids are allowed.

If your spherical is a GNAS round having said that, you have a few selections.

  • Marks on the bow limb
  • Rubber bands, not extra than 1/8″ depth and thickness
  • Groundmarks – artificial factors of goal on the ground, set in between the capturing line and the goal. Groundmarks are unable to be far more than 6 inches large, 3 inches vast, and certainly they can’t impede one more archer.

Roy would periodically nudge his groundmark with his toe as we went to gather our arrows. Personally I’ve under no circumstances shot utilizing groundmarks, but I have the experience they have to have a diploma of endurance in finding them to the suitable situation (you can not alter them at the time you are on the taking pictures line), as well as skill in placing them out in the similar place each time.

I believe of the 3, my preference would be the elastic band. Marks are alright, as very long as you can modify them conveniently as you change distance, and as long as they you should not completely mark your bow! Preferably try and get a pink postal band they’re little ample to be inside of the regulations, and getting crimson they stand out from your bow for a lot quicker, more instinctive aiming.

Of program, there are extra archery governing bodies about relying on your site, that all have their have variants of these rules. My advice is to locate out what variety of round your heading to be taking pictures at, then prepare appropriately.

Satisfied taking pictures!

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