Taekwondo Uniform: The Dobok

Dobok is the Korean expression for the Taekwondo uniform. It should be worn at all periods throughout apply and most specifically through tournaments and sparring video games.

Etymology of the term
The time period dobok originated from two Korean phrases: “do” which is in reference to the term way and “bok” which refers to outfits. Mixed together, it meant way of garments.

Forms of Taekwondo Uniform
There are two forms of Dobok namely the white and the black Dobok. The white dobok is generally worn by college students which are distinguished by rank centered on their belt colour. The black dobok on the other hand is worn by student who has effectively achieved the rank of black belt but there are also situations wherein a black trimming on the collar of the white dobok is done just to distinguish the rank the student has managed to attain.

Similarity with other Martial Arts Uniform
The Taekwondo uniform intently resembles other sorts of uniform mostly that of Karate and Judo. Nevertheless a nearer look at these uniforms will expose certain one of a kind variations in them.

Similarities with these martial arts uniform proves just one issue, the simple fact that practically all Oriental Martial Arts uniform may possibly have originated from judo. “Gi” is the martial art phrase for the judo uniform wherein all other martial arts uniform may perhaps have been patterned. It was developed by Kano Jigoro, who was also the very to start with personal who made use of unique shades to distinguish the skills of his students.

Characteristics of the Dobok
The dobok is commonly portrayed as a white upper garment with large sleeves that are paired with white extended wide trousers that are tied together by the colored belts which signifies the men and women rank and competencies.

At current, the dobok utilized is patterned above the Korean hanbok, which generally have a v-neck jackets but others who wish to war a “gi” with a cross about jacket front are still accepted. Just before moving into a match, make sure you verify their guidelines with regards to the correct dobok recognized so as not to have any specialized problems through the start of the true tournament.

Reason of Sporting the Taekwondo Uniform
There are numerous reasons why people today would desire to put on a dobok but dependent on the Encyclopedia of Tae-kwon-do these are the primary explanations why carrying the dobok for the duration of education and tournaments are vital.

1. The wearer acquires pride and dignity by mere carrying of the dobok. It reminds him or her of the tenets of Taekwondo and the virtues and values which will come with each other with the expertise he or she may possibly have learned from his or her teacher.

2. It distinguishes the rank of a particular college student. Based mostly on the coloration of the belt which he or she wears, it effortlessly identifies the degree and talent that unique personal has attained.

3. It carries a historic heritage and custom which has been passed on through the instances of the early Koreans up to the present.

4. It is sensible and wholesome to use even during tournaments.

5. It assists instill the advantage of humility to the wearer thanks to the quality and diploma the dobok symbolizes.

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