Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Glass, and Plastic Basketball Hoops – Which Backboard Product Is Best?

It truly is very simple that there are a whole lot of decisions to be created when you notice all of the hundreds of basketball hoops for sale. Need to you get a moveable device or in ground? Ought to you get a method with a sq. pole or round? How major really should it be?

But one particular of the most critical conclusions is what the basketball backboard content. The 4 backboard components supplied are molded plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass. So what is the change concerning them, and how do you know which just one you should get?

Molded Plastic

This is the most affordable basketball backboard, and you usually see it on the minimum costly systems. If you are an grownup player who is intrigued in playing a great recreation of basketball, you must frequently continue to be away from this material. It vibrates a large amount and the reasonably soft plastic only absorbs the drive of the basketball when you toss lender shots. That signifies that instead of getting a superior rebound, it kind of just drops down. If, even so, you are purchasing for a kid, this materials is fine, as they usually are not generally involved with getting significant top quality rebound anyway.


A move up from molded plastic is the acrylic basketball backboard. It is effective a minor bit improved since it can be translucent, like professional systems, and acrylic is a bit a lot more a rigid materials. That favors you in two big ways. To begin with, it suggests that you can do lender shots devoid of stressing about the ball dropping straight down very so significantly. And secondly, it would make that it is more long lasting, which usually means it can just take a entire heck lot much more abuse without cracking.


Polycarbonate seems like acrylic, feels like acrylic, and plays like acrylic. So what’s the variation? The big difference is in the over longevity of the substance, which is primarily vital in mid variety basketball hoops where the backboards are somewhat slender (about two to a few eights of an inch). If you anticipate to be playing notably roughly on your basketball hoop, or even if you want an extra stage of assurance that your hoop is going to past a incredibly extensive time, polycarbonate is unquestionably the way to go.


Glass is the material that they use in NBA, college or university, and even the massive the vast majority of large college courts. The purpose why it is continue to so common is since it is the most rigid content of all, and therefore provides the most rebound.

Purchasers ought to be knowledgeable, however, that systems with this amount of excellent are normally pricier than acrylic or polycarbonate basketball hoops, commonly costing at least 8 hundred dollars and normally extra. Having said that, in phrases of engage in, there is just no comparison for the rigidity and rebound of a genuine glass basketball hoop.

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