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How to Defend Against a Dink in Volleyball


So you want to know how to protect versus a dink shot, or idea as it is typically referred to these days. I’m going to look at it from the point of view of a coach seeking to strengthen a team’s defending from these types of photographs alternatively than from the view of an person participant. That explained, I think you may discover the bulk of what I have to say relates in equally instructions.

It commences with attitude

The initially ingredient of defending towards off-velocity attacks like guidelines and roll photographs is to go into it with a dedication not to permit individuals types of balls ever hit the flooring. Obviously, it can be the standard objective of your defense to maintain the ball from landing on your side of the court docket. There’s a distinction here, even though. Defending from a tough strike ball is largely about positioning, whilst digging a tip is about pursuit. In many strategies, the previous is passive and the latter is aggressive. It normally takes an attacking angle to participate in excellent defense versus off-pace balls.

Positional duty

Following mindset comes positioning. The gamers with designated duty for idea coverage, if any, are decided by the kind of protection a crew employs. For case in point, a rotational protection in which the proper back again player moves up at the rear of the block on an exterior hitter attack signifies that right back defender is liable for shots over the block and into the center of the courtroom. In a regular perimeter defense there is no precisely designated tip protection participant, so basically it is up to the participant(s) closest to the ball to make the dig.

Anticipating the shot

This is probably the most essential part of getting very good at off-velocity protection. Suggestions, roll pictures, and the like are likely to rating a lot more mainly because defenders are shocked than because they are well-put. A primary instance of this is setter dumps scoring when in most teams’ base protection there are two players precisely positioned to defend towards the initially or second ball coming in excess of. If these players expect the setter to dump they will frequently make a somewhat straightforward enjoy on the ball. If not, they are caught flat-footed and the ball drops – a resource of numerous a coach’s gray hairs.

Shifting via the ball

As famous earlier mentioned, protection towards an off-speed shot is usually about pursuit. A player have to go to the ball to make the participate in on it. In numerous instances the player has to run to get the ball and may not be capable to be stopped in time to make a fantastic play. In these situations they have to have to be ready to execute a operate-by means of dig to the favored target zone. This is anything which demands schooling for less highly developed gamers as the mechanics associated are a bit unique than the regular extra static dig or go.

When completed adequately, with the ideal angle and expectation, defending against a suggestion or other style of off-velocity assault can look very straightforward. Mentor your volleyball gamers to have the correct mind-set, expectations, and mechanics and you will frustrate the opposing attackers to no stop!


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