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Dominating a Taller Opponent in Taekwondo Sparring


The question is, how do you win when your opponents legs are just far too dang long. Properly, I am basically 6′ 3″ and I can convey to you very first hand what scores on me and what does not. Most of my Taekwondo fights have been from opponents possibly my dimension or shorter. Even at nationals, the major body weight division has various 6 foot fellas weighing all-around 200.

When I would show up at smaller tournaments, that’s when I was paired up with the 5′ 8″ or 5′ 10″ guys. I hated it. I essentially should not be so quick to say I hated it. I hated it when they understood what they ended up doing.

1st, let’s communicate about what won’t get the job done…

Heading toe to toe with me. Hopefully which is apparent. You never ever want to trade kick for kick with another person that has 4 to 6 inches on you. There is a zone that absolutely everyone has. I call it your pink zone- purple symbolizing “warning”. Everyone’s crimson zone is distinctive and it’s dimension is determined by the arrive at of your kick.

Being that I am 6′ 3″, I have a much larger crimson zone that most. This also indicates, if you’re shorter than me, you enter my red zone just before I enter yours. In other text, when you’re trying to get near enough to get a kick in, I am previously scoring on you.

Upcoming, you may possibly want to test and overwhelm me with speed. Not a lousy strategy, but not the finest either. Whenever I would get into the ring with another person shorter than me, I am assuming their heading to be lighting swift. The initially detail I do is produce some distance, then I hang out for a tiny little bit. I analyze how fast they can truly go. I note how rapid they can near the gap concerning us. Following I see how quick they truly are, I simply just alter my gap so I can get started scoring.

The base line is this, pace is good, but when it arrives to a taller opponent, they’ll only compensate with length. From a taller opponent, as well much distance is your enemy. Your opponent has a stride that is typically probably 1 &frac12 situations yours. Right after you make 2 measures ahead, your opponent is already 3 measures away, then WHAM… they are going to permit you have it with a roundhouse kick.

So, what is the greatest system? If you want to dominate your taller opponent in Taekwondo, you need to use a process known as B.T.C. This stands for Bait, Trap, Counter. Spend focus, since this is the ultimate Taekwondo scoring approach in opposition to taller opponents, and I detest it! Of course, only when it really is employed towards me.

Here is how it works…

When your Taekwondo match begins from a taller opponent, you Wait around. In truth, you wait around in a higher defensive mode. Be completely ready to whojin (slide back) and unleash a spin hook kick or back again kick if your opponent is extremely aggressive. Other clever, wait a second, then we start off the approach of B.T.C.

Slowly, we are heading to creep nearer to our opponent- earning absolutely sure not to in excess of commit far too shortly. This technique is recognised as baiting. We’re essentially making ourselves susceptible to an attack with the major aim of counter attacking just before they at any time have a opportunity to rating.

The ideal time for you to Counter is all through the Trap. The split next your opponent misses you is acknowledged as the trap. As a facet observe- this is why it can be tremendous important to kick and convey that leg down to the ground straight away, so you you should not get caught in the entice. The taller the opponent, the longer it can take for them to convey their leg down. This will make for an less difficult trap. For the duration of this trap, that’s when you unload your counter assault.

If your potent match is a again kick, then you can bait in an open stance (belly’s going through the very same route), and attempt and attract out your opponents roundhouse kick. If your powerful suit is a spin hook kick, bait in a closed stance, and consider and attract out your opponents quickly kick (skipping entrance leg roundhouse kick). If you are truly one of those people shorter, rapid fighters, then you can lateral action and do any sort of counter you want, just just after the Bait.

All right, what happens when your opponent figures out what you might be performing? Perfectly, you bait even nearer, at the very least to the stage in which you happen to be nevertheless profitable at finding the counter attack.

When that has run it is really course, you disguise the B.T.C. by shift aggressively around the ring. Move aggressively, then immediately bait, hence making your opponent worry and ideally attack.

Superior luck with your coaching!


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